Seervi Hub


Seervi Hub is a social platform to connect all seervi samaj members at one place. We highly encourage privacy and security for our members.


Founded on January 2018 


Mission : 

"Give people the power to build community and connecting to seervi samaj"


General Information :

Your ideas and suggestions help us to constantly improve Seervi Hub's features. Let us know how we can improve your experience.

Seervi Hub Team Members

  1. Arun Singh Devra 
  2. Mahendra Ji Lercha
  3. Suresh Ji Sindra 
  4. Gudadram Ji Kag (Support Member)
  5. Dhannaram ji parihariya (Support Member)
  6. Rahul Mukati (Hostomy
  7. Bhimaram Ji Seervi (Support Member)
  8. Dinesh Ji Sencha (Support Member)
  9.  Dharmendra JI Rathore (Support Member)
  10.  Surya Prakash Seervi (Support Member)

Specially thanks to MR Designhub

  1. Manohar ji Seervi (Software Engineer)
  2. Akhilesh Ji Seervi (Software Engineer)

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